We just really love flowers and being able to share them with you.


I’m Kayli Greer

Thanks for being here! I am Kayli Greer, the owner of Solflower. I am a former nurse, turned stay at home mom of 2 girls, turned flower farmer/florist living her dream of running her own flower business. I work, alongside my husband Dusty and some tiny little hands, to grow the flowers that make up our unique mixed bouquets directly from seed, and plant and tend them in the quarter acre lot beside our house. I love sharing the natural beauty that reflects the seasons through our flowers.

I started Solflower for one simple reason-I wanted to share joy with you through flowers. My lifetime love of flowers was passed down to me from my mom and grandma. I remember visiting my Grandparents farm growing up and thinking that my grandma’s flower beds were the most magical and beautiful things that I’d ever seen-almost more magical than the badass, strong, and tender woman that cared for them. I cherish the memories of popping the trumpet vine buds, that grew on my grandparents’ fence, with my Uncle, and of days spent scouring greenhouses with my mom and Aunt for new plants to pot for our stoops and to plant in the flower beds that we created together. I am still so shocked to see how much beauty and life can come from seemingly nothing-some seed, dirt, water, sun, and love.

It was not until college that a glimpse of a dream was placed in my heart. I was in the middle of nursing school, questioning why I was even doing it, and I remember being stopped dead in my tracks one day with a vision of hoophouses lined up in front of me on my right, dazzling sunshine, and the words “that will be yours one day” going through my head. I had no idea what it meant other than that God was telling me that my life would be filled with flowers and that I was going to share them with you. I worked as a nurse for 5 years until we had our first daughter and I decided to stay home with her and give myself the chance to work on the dream I’d had stewing in my heart for so long. Here we are now! No hoophouses to be seen yet, perhaps one day, but doing the thing that I love most-raising our babes, and sharing our flowers and this wild journey with all of you.

My hope for you, is that when you buy our flowers, you would use them to share joy-share joy with yourself, with loved ones, with neighbors, with strangers. I believe that we can use flowers to spark connection with one another and be reminded of the goodness, the beauty, and the magic that is in the world if only we pause and take in those simple moments.

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